Project Launch 2017

Project Launch: A Community Internship and Work Readiness Program for Teens

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  We are thrilled to announce that our Project Launch 2017 Community Youth Internship Program broke enrollment records this year!  Students representing 7 different Prescott area schools applied to the program, and we can’t wait to get started!  Our first workshop is on Saturday, March 4th.  It will be a jam-packed session with lots of tips and tools to provide our teens with the competitive advantage​ they​’ll​ need going forward.
Here is ​a sample of ​what our ​two​ March​ workshop​s​will cover.
  • Art of Effective Communication 
    • Email Etiquette 
    • Avoiding Social Media Traps
    • Communication Do’s and Don’ts
    • Body Language – How to make sure you are sending the right 
    • ​messages​
  • Self Mastery and Confidence Building
    • Importance of Building and Sustaining a Positive Mental Attitude
    • Enthusiasm – What makes it so important?
    • Techniques to reduce fear, anxiety and self-doubt
    • ​ (how this impacts job success)​
  • Teamwork Basics
    • How to build trust in a team, and why sharing knowledge is key to 
    • ​workplace success​
    • Understand conflict resolution and how to deal with difficult people 
  • Meaning of GRIT
    • The 5 Characteristics of GRIT
    • How many do you have?
    • Why GRIT is sometimes more important that IQ
         If you would like more information feel free to stop in to The Launch Pad, we are open Monday through Friday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.
        Dream, Believe, and Achieve with us!

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