Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough

Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough Conference is a 3-day retreat designed to educate and empower teenage girls in Yavapai County. The conference is held at the 4-H Camp on Mingus Mountain.

On Saturday, the girls attend workshops. WEB offers over 20 different workshops to provide girls with diverse opportunities to learn more about themselves. All of our workshops are taught voluntarily by women from Yavapai County who are experts in their various fields. The girls participate in workshops of their choice on a variety of topics such as aerial silks, changing the oil in a car, how to plan and pack for a backpacking trip, nutrition, mental health, dance, creative writing and so much more!

On Saturday night we have a camp wide talent show! We encourage participants and counselors to break out their talents: singing and dancing, performing the National Anthem in a chipmunk voice, juggling, playing your favorite instrument, reading an original poem, or even doing a cartwheel! During the show, WEB participants show off a talent they are proud of, and are supported by an audience of cheering peers!

Sunday morning is dedicated to a community art project. WEB participants partake in a different project every year. As a community, we create something together that showcases the theme of the conference.

The theme of the 2017 conference is “Boss Lady”. We will be talking about being a boss of our own lives. How do we as women take up space physically, verbally, intellectually? How do we take up space in a way that empowers ourselves and others? We are going to discuss what beauty is for us and how the word beautiful is often used against women to box them into a very narrow stereotype. To us at the WEB conference, women are beautiful when they own and develop their strengths and when they empower women around them!


How do you get involved?

Attend our conference! If you are a women between the ages of 13-18 we encourage you to come to the conference! Email us at WEB@thelaunchpadteencenter.org or stop by The Launch Pad to pick up a registration packet! 302 Grove Ave Prescott, AZ 86301

Conference Registration Form


Volunteer as a Counselor! We are looking for women ages 19+ to be WEB Counselors to mentor teens throughout the conference. Volunteers must commit to the full weekend (Friday around noon until Sunday around 3:00pm). We hold a mandatory counselor training in the beginning of April to provide you with all the tools you will need to have a great experience mentoring teenage girls!

Counselor Registration Form

Counselor In-Training Registration Form 


Teach a Workshop!  Do you have an expertise or a passion that could benefit teenage girls? Workshops are either 1.5 hours or 3 hours long and are all held on Saturday. Email Laura at web@thelaunchpadteencenter.org to sign up to present a workshop!

Upcoming Events

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