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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of Academic Mentoring Program? 

The purpose of The Academic Mentoring Program is to provide teens with a one on one experience in achieving academic success.  This program will be more involved than general tutoring.  The role of the academic mentor is to hold weekly meetings with the teen, hold them accountable to their school work, teaching them study skills, helping them set academic goals, and if necessary connect them with the appropriate tutors, if they are unable to tutor a subject themselves.  

The need for the academic tutoring program arose after watching several of our teens come to The Launch Pad to utilize the tutoring center, raise their grades initially, but then drop in their grades as a result of inconsistency and a lack of follow-up. 

Teens who are enrolled in the Academic Mentoring program are required to meet at least twice a week in the tutoring center with their mentor until it is no longer deemed necessary.  The academic mentor and the tutoring center coordinator will hold teens accountable to this by checking their grades and helping them stay on track. 

How can I register my teen for the Academic Mentoring Program?

Teens/parents who want to enroll in the academic mentoring program need only to fill out the appropriate interest form, include all relevant information such as giving access to the students grades, and then either The Tutoring Center Coordinator or an assigned mentor will immediately follow-up with a Goal Contract Meeting.

What is the Role of The Academic Mentor? 

The role of the Academic Mentor is to supplement the teens work and expectations gained from their classes. Mentors help the teen set academic goals based off of current grades and personal challenges with school, they help teens track their grades and overall progress. Mentors may prepare study guides, worksheets, and exercises that will better the teens overall understanding of their subjects. 

What is the Difference between Academic Mentoring and Academic Tutoring?

Tutoring is generally an as needs program. Teens are able to drop-in at The Tutoring Center whenever necessary to receive help in a given subject by capable tutors. Academic mentoring is for teens who either need help with studying skills, goal setting, and overall academic performance.  Academic mentoring is appropriate for teens who struggle with concentration, organization, and for those who lack an overall motivation to complete assignments.  Academic mentoring focuses on boosting overall subject comprehension as well as boosting positive feelings towards school.