Tutoring Center

The Launch Pad Tutoring Center and Homework Lab is a free resource for teens in the Prescott Area.  Teens can drop-in at the Tutoring Center on an as needed basis to receive tutoring, do homework, or reserve a room for a group project or study session. We also have free school supplies for any student that could use some assistance with being prepared for school!


In addition to drop-in tutoring services, we also offer Academic Mentoring! This program is similar to tutoring in the way that students can get help with homework and can practice work on tough subject areas. The main difference is that Academic Mentoring is designed to hold teens more accountable through weekly meetings with an academic mentor. During these meetings we check grades, check progress with regards to individualized academic goals, and assess how many times a student should stop in for tutoring that week.

Program Cost: $25 per school semester (That’s only $50 for the school year!) (Scholarships Available Upon Request)

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Commonly Asked Questions


What do I have to do to get tutored?

Drop in at The Tutoring Center Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri (3-6pm) Wed (3-6pm) There will always be tutors available to assist in a variety of subjects. 


Do I have to get tutored in order to use The Launch Pad Tutoring Center? 

No, teens are able to utilize all the resources of The Launch Pad Tutoring Center as long as it is for their academic advancement and needs.


What are the hours of The Launch Pad Tutoring Center? 

The Launch Pad Tutoring center is open Mon- Fri (3-6pm) 


Who do I talk to if my teen has special needs? 

Come on in or give The Launch Pad a call and we will assess the needs and pair your teen with someone who can best accommodate them.


What is the Academic Mentoring Program? 

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 The Academic Mentoring Program is a supplementation for what is taught in the classroom. The program is fun, educational, and designed for teens who need 1 0n 1 help in raising and maintaining their grades.  Academic Mentors help teens set goals, maintain good academic standing, boost their confidence in school, and develop skills necessary to be successful in both school and life. Academic Mentors monitor teens success with daily check-ins and help them receive tutoring when necessary. 


How can I sign up for the Academic Mentoring Program? 

To begin the enrollment process for the Academic Mentoring program click here or contact The Launch Pad for more information.


How can I sign up to become an Academic Mentor for teens? 

To sign up to be come an Academic Mentor click here, or contact The Launch Pad for more information.