Boys to Men Mentoring

Boys to Men Mentoring is now a program of The Launch Pad!
We’re still supporting teenage boys with school circles,
bi-weekly Adventure Groups, and our Rites of Passage Weekends.

Boys to Men

Adventure Groups


Guiding Boys into Healthy Manhood

Mentoring the Mantra
​Listen Accept Encourage

​The mission of Boys to Men Mentoring is to promote fundamental positive change in the lives of boys, their families, and the community by harnessing the power of group mentoring and the rite of passage. We empower young men to make healthy choices so they can become the man they want to be.

Our Programs

Why We Do What We Do

We believe teens deserve multiple adults in their lives.

We believe any man can and should be a mentor.

We believe that every teen has a gift to share with the world.

What We Do

Guide teen boys of age through their passage to manhood.​

Combine long term mentoring with intense rites of passage experiences.

Inspire the whole community with rites of stewardship and purposeful volunteerism.

How We Do What We Do

Sponsor group mentoring  programs that are relevent and fun.

Maintain a very high adult to teen ratio.

Combine ritual and tradition with latest research on youth, trauma, and resilience.

Teen Boys Face ​Challenges

Absent Men

Many boys do not have either active fathers or healthy adult male role models in their lives.

​​We commit to reintegrating caring adult men back into the lives of boys.​

Rural Isolation

Many teens in central Arizona lack easy access to healthy activities, resources, services, and even friends.

We provide free activities that enrich young men and connect them to their community.

Lack of Emotional Expression

A full range of emotion is crucial to healthy relationships and careful decision making.  Emotional literacy includes being able to name, accept, and work with all feelings.

We train our volunteers to share their rich emotional world appropriately to help create space where youth can explore their emotions safely.

The “Man Box”

Our culture places limits and expectations on masculinity. In the the Man Box, males are supposed to be dominating, fearless, emotionless, and to deny their nurturing, cooperative, and vulnerable sides. 

​We train our mentors to show their full humanity and encourage the teens to do the same. We work with youth to re-imagine a more complete and compassionate masculinity. 

Opioid and Meth Crisis

Many of our teens have a family member or friend who is addicted or has overdosed, and many struggle with addiction or dependency themselves.

We invite our participants to live, connect, and feel in a safe environment. We support them in finding healthy coping strategies and problem solving techniques.

Nature Deficit

​Teens  need time in nature – silent and active – to replenish their batteries and keep their bodies fit and healthy. They need the impersonal challenge that nature offers in order to know their own unique capacities.

We design programs that take boys outside for play and work. 

How We Help


It is easier to grow strong children than to fix broken men.
– Frederick Douglass

We cannot save the world with magic silver bullets. But we can show up, demonstrate we care and do our best to make a difference here and now.

Our vision is to create communities where adults support young men during their transition from childhood to adulthood.

This requires a recognition of the boy who is ready to step onto the path to adulthood. We then invite him to begin leaving childhood attitudes behind and to step up toward the man he wants to be, with all the responsibility, courage and honor that this requires. This is his rite of passage.

True community and support for these young men requires connection with adult male role models. Teen boys need the time and space that mature men can create so the youth can explore and practice healthy interactions with themselves and others. There, youth can learn how to handle conflict, responsibility, stress, feelings of shame, joy, anger… you name it.

Ultimately, a lot of the work we do revolves around supporting the men who step up to mentor the boys. To be effective adult male role models, we have to be willing to explore our own challenges and triggers as men. ‘Being a man’ can never be reduced to some perfect ideal; we need to deal with the conflict, responsibility, stress, feelings of shame, joy and anger that are part of being a whole man. We hope you will join us in any way you can to support a community of men and boys who are willing to pursue that authenticity and completeness.

Bill's Story

I started attending the PHS school circle and there were some guys there talking about this thing called ROPAW and I just decided to go. That was definitely an experience. ROPAW meant a lot to me because it felt like I was being rebirthed as a different person. Before the ROPAW I kinda portrayed myself as someone who I wasn’t and I was able to become proud of who I really am. If I hadn’t gotten involved with Boys to Men, I’d still be same stupid kid, getting in trouble with the law and in school. Doing drugs and dumb stuff. I might even be dead. You could say that Boys to Men saved my life. Now I’m looking forward to growing up, finding a family, and just living a great life. 

Be a part of real change in North Central Arizona and get involved with Boys to Men Mentoring.

Core Values

Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability,
​Self Awareness, Authenticity, Resilience, Empathy, Inclusion​

Guiding Principles

Whole Person Centered, Developmentally Appropriate, Culturally Sensitive, Data Informed, Trauma Informed, Community Centered

We are honored to be partnered with, and supported by, these fine organizations:


Partners are organizations with which we have a rich, long-term relationship. Some share training and development resources. Others help refer boys or volunteers. Some open their doors to our programs. A few do all three!