Community Education for Teens

Here at The Launch Pad we understand that the transition from being a teen to becoming an adult can be a difficult one. In fact, the hardest part can be taking that first step in the direction that you want to go. Because of this, The Launch Pad offers many different workshops, summer camps, and other activities that will get you ready for the world after high school.

Throughout the course of the year we offer various workshops that will help you build real-world skills so you can become a master of adulting. With workshops like Gaining Financial Independence put on by Wells Fargo, and Resume Building by Prescott Public Library, you will be ready to adult in no time! If you are feeling like those workshops just weren’t quite enough, then sign up for Real World Preskitt, a week-long summer camp that will show you that being an adult isn’t as scary as it may seem. You will learn skills such as how to change a flat tire on a car, how to totally nail an interview for a job, how to wow your family or friends by cooking your own food from scratch, and much more!

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