Drop-In Program

After School Programs

The Launch Pad’s After School Programs hours are:
Monday-Friday 3-6pm
After School Programs are open to Middle and High School students 12-18 years old
Our After School Programs building is located at 424 6th Street in Prescott.


The Launch Pad Teen Center offers a daily shuttle service from Prescott High School and Northpoint. The shuttle runs to Mile High Middle School every Wednesday for early release.


The Launch Pad’s Programming varies each week in order to meet teens’ developmental need for novelty. Our weekly programming includes:

Monday at 5pm- D&D Club
Tuesday at 5pm- Music Club
Wednesday at 4:30pm- Garden Club
Thursday at 4:30pm- Art Club

All programming is carefully planned by our staff and teens with adolescent brain development and youth interest and needs in mind. 

The programming calendar is released at the start of every month! Please see our calendar or contact Suzanne for the current schedule: Suzanne@thelaunchapadteencenter.org or call 928-227-0758 



The Launch Pad Tutoring Center and Homework Lab is a free resource for teens in the Prescott Area.  Teens can drop-in at the Tutoring Center on an as needed basis to receive tutoring, do homework, or reserve a room for a group project or study session. We also have free school supplies for any student that could use some assistance with being prepared for school!