Endless Art Supplies and a Pin Party Around the Corner!

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  • 01.10.2015

Art Room Canvases at TLPWe have been enjoying our new Art Room so much! There are cabinets upon cabinets full of art supplies and they are completely open for any teen to use at anytime. We really mean it at The Launch Pad when we say we are a Youth Driven Space! That means you get to come in, use whatever you would like in The Launch Pad, so long as you clean up afterwards. We also have teens helping us make decisions about what types of programs to offer, such as Pin Parties!

Pin Parties are an opportunity for all of us to get together in the Art Room and create things we have found on Pinterest! Just send us your pins in advance and we will get the supplies. Our first ever Pin Party is happening October 21st from 3-6pm.

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