— Frequently asked Questions —

common concerns answered

What ages is The Launch Pad for?
The Launch Pad serves all teens ages 12-18, roughly 8th grade through 12th grade.  During Drop- In Hours after school all teens are welcome. Some of our programs, like Project Launch, are only for high school students.  We also often organize dances and/or music shows that are either just for middle school students or just for high school students. You can always find this information on our website and social media platforms.
Is The Launch Pad only for “At Risk Youth”?

No, The Launch Pad is for all youth.  We have teens from all types of backgrounds at The Launch Pad.  The wonderful thing is that because of the staff to student ratio, the attention to building positive relationships, the focus on integrity and accountability, The Launch Pad is a place where everyone learns from each other and where genuine connections and friendships are made.  The Launch Pad has “house rules” posted throughout the building reminding teens of what is expected of them while in The Launch Pad space.

How do you sign up for The Launch Pad?

To sign up for The Launch Pad Drop-In Hours, just come by after school, give us a call, or send us an email and we can give you a registration form. If you want to sign up for Academic Mentoring, you can find the form on our website in the For Teen section. If you are interested in our summer camps, internship program, or leadership retreats, all of that info and registration forms can be found under the programs tab. You can also stop by our place and we can give you a printed out registration form to fill out.

Are teens supervised?
Yes, teens are always supervised at The Launch Pad, even when just hanging out in the Drop-In space.
What’s the staff to teen ratio?

During after school hours there are always at least 2 staff members working and the same is true for any off site program or field trip that happens after school. When we have over 20 teens we have 3 or more staff on and we never exceed 40 teens after school due to the limits of our building. In our educational workshops or trainings it depends on the content and nature of the workshop and those learning experiences tend to have a lower staff to teen ratio.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes, we are looking for Volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities, please fill out the Volunteer Application and we will be in touch!

Does The Launch Pad Qualify for The AZ Charitable Tax Credit?

Yes, The Launch Pad does qualify for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit. The Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit is a dollar for dollar credit on your state taxes and you can still claim a federal deduction. If you owe $300 to the state and you make a contribution to TLP for $300, you no longer owe the state $300. You can give up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple. You can even carry your credit over for up to 5 years. For more information check the website: www.prescottareataxcredit.com