Meet us

Courtney Osterfelt: Executive Director and Founder

My name is Courtney Osterfelt and I am the director of The Launch Pad. I have an bachelor’s degree in Education, a Master of Art’s degree in Social Change and Community Development, and I have been working with teens for the past 13 years. I founded Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough, a non-profit educational organization for teenage girls in Yavapai County in 2003 and started working on developing The Launch Pad in 2011. I love working with teens because I remember my teenage years being particularly challenging and I want to support teens in becoming who they want to be. I also believe teens are powerful people who can inspire and create great change in our community and it is an honor to support them in realizing their own potential.

Laura Tully: Deputy Director and Community Outreach Coordinator

My name is Laura Tully and I am the Deputy Director and Community Outreach Coordinator at The Launch Pad. I have a bachelor’s degree in Critical Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Social Justice and Human Rights with a focus on community organizing. I’ve been involved with The Launch Pad in many different capacities since its inception. I truly love working with youth in the Prescott community and I feel so honored to work for this organization!

Rachelle Newton: Program Director

My name is Rachelle Newton.  I was born and raised in Idaho and have lived in Prescott for the past 12 years.  I am graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communication.  I come to The Launch Pad with a background in small business ownership and service with the Yavapai County Government.  I am really excited to be part of The Launch Pad.  I believe all things begin with our youth.  I am incredibly excited to be working with the Prescott community to help advocate and provide a voice for our teens.

Jarvell Williams: Tutoring Center Program Coordinator

My name is Jarvell Williams. I was born in raised in Chicago, IL and moved to Prescott, AZ straight out of college. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in Intercultural Studies. I have worked with teens for the past 6 years in several different capacities. I am honored to have joined The Launch Pad team and am even more psyched to work and inspire teens to succeed and always strive for excellence.

McKenzie Macintyre: Program Coordinator

Hi, I’m Mckenzie. I am an Americorps State Member serving at The Launch Pad. I am from Northern Wisconsin and moved to Prescott 2 years ago.  I’m a student at Prescott College. I’m currently studying Human Development with an emphasis in Adolescent Development along with a minor in Outdoor Programming and Administration. This year at the Launch Pad I will be Facilitating WILD and the Teen Advisory Council. I love working with teens and being apart of The Launch Pad!


Jordan Thompson


I’m Jordan Thompson (pronouns he/him), an LA native and Prescott newcomer. I’m one of the Drop-in Facilitators this term! My BA is in Outdoor Education & Educational Justice – I found my way to Arizona through AmeriCorps, a national service organization. I spent a lot of time working with teens in the San Bernardino County Juvenile Detention Center helping encourage literacy, emotional learning, and peer empowerment. While I learned a lot in the classroom, the most impactful learning always happened while working with teens, or peer to peer. Being exposed to so many different, caring, unique, important, and bright youth is why I choose to pursue a career in education. A poem that inspires me is “The Rose That Grew from Concrete” by Tupac Skahur. In my free time I enjoy backpacking, reading modernist literature, rock climbing, and cooking with friends.

Becca Sorce


Hi! My name is Becca I am a senior at Tri City college prep. I am an Americorps State Member serving at The Launch Pad. I am extremely excited to be working with The Launch Pad this school year. I have been attending WEB since eighth  grade and have been attending The Launch Pad as part of the Q Collective since my freshman year. I took on a larger role in the Q Collective by becoming a part of the board during my sophomore year. I have been on the board now for two years and I am excited to see the new developments of The Launch Pad over this coming year.

Shai Gary


Hi, my name is Shai Gary and I am a student at Prescott College studying Social Justice. I am from Williams, AZ and passionate about people and serving them. I love working with kids in educational settings, outdoor settings and coaching sports team. I love ginger, the wilderness, sports, art, poetry and any and all things that help us learn. I look forward to meeting and working with the teens of the Prescott community!

Board of Directors

Andrew Baird

Board of Directors



I grew up in Prescott and recently moved back with my wife (Brittany, also a Prescott native) and two girls, Noe and Daisy.  I received my degree in Civil Engineering from Arizona State and now work locally here in Prescott.  In my free time I enjoy playing with my kids, hiking with my wife, coaching youth sports, and playing any outdoor sport that my now 34 year old body will allow me to play, which let’s face it, is now horse shoes.

Mackenzie Schutte

Board of Directors



I’m currently a student at Northpoint Academy. I love art, music, the natural world, and mathematics. Being a part of The Launch Pad not only has helped me grow as a better leader, but has shaped me into the person I am now. Seeing Prescott from the point of view of a teen is an important aspect of how our town can change as a whole and being part of that mission takes a major roll in the person I become!

Cate Wilson

Board of Directors

Co-Vice President


I grew up on the East Coast but have called Prescott home for the past 11 years. I believe that investing in the youth of our community is the best way to help ensure the growth of Prescott. The Launch Pad has given me the opportunity, as a board member to become part of the community in a personal way and to have an integral role in the development of it’s future.

Ryan Glennan

Board of Directors



I grew up in Prescott and moved back to the area in 2007 after college and beginning my career in Phoenix and Milwaukee.  I currently reside here with my wife, Christen, and two girls.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Florida.  I’m currently a commercial banker with Foothills Bank.  In my free time I enjoy camping, four wheeling in my Jeep, watching sports, and spending time with my family.

Annie Wilkinson

Board of Directors

Hello, my name is Annie Wilkinson. I have lived in Prescott, AZ for around 14 years, which is as far back as I can remember. I am currently a student at Prescott High School and part of the graduating class of 2021. Apart from The Launch Pad, I also love horseback, hanging out with friends, and wake surfing on Lake Powell. Being involved in The Launch Pad has not only been a catalyst for my growth as a person, it has also allowed me to help my peers and be part of strengthening my hometown.

Indy Dimaano-Simmons

Board of Directors

I’m Indy Dimaano-Simmons and I’m currently a student at Prescott High School. I have lived in Prescott all of my life and enjoy helping my community and school as much as possible. Being apart of The Launch Pad is a very exciting opportunity and I hope to plan and participate in many events an deactivates that change our city for the better. I know I will learn a lot these next few years and hope to bring more happiness in teens lives.

Tracey Frederiksen

Board of Directors

Prescott has been my home for the past 11 years, and it is such a great place to call home! I have been working in the public schools here in Prescott for 10+ years as a counselor, and also just recently opened my private practice for counseling. My wonderful husband of 21 years and I have raised two amazing young adults. Jake is going to ASU this fall and Cassie will be a Senior at NAU.  I look forward to being involved with the community’s youth as a board member of The Launch Pad. The empowering aspect of the programs is definitely aligned with my philosophy, especially to be proactive and ahead of the curve. I enjoy kayaking in the local lakes, golfing, hiking with our dog Indiana Jones (“Indy”), and hanging out with my family and friends.

Cassidy Leo

Board of Directors

My name is Cassidy Leo and I am a high school student at Tri City Prep. My motto in life is “Plan for the future, live for the present.”, and I can confidently say that The Launch Pad does exactly

that. I’ve seen how The Launch Pad provides a home for teens in the community while giving them access to resources

for a fruitful future. I’m so grateful to be part of an organization that offers such a service, and I’m confident my experience with The Launch Pad will only help me grow as I progress in my own passions, those passions being Japanese language and

business for all those who were curious.