Digital Media Camp

Digital Media

Ages: 13-18     


Cost: $150.00 Scholarships Available, contact The Launch Pad for more Info


Dates:  June 24th-28th 


Times: 9am to 5pm


Location: The Launch Pad Teen Center (302 Grove Ave. Prescott, AZ 86301)__

Camp Description

Want to produce and star in your very own t.v show? Now’s your chance!  For one week only, you get the chance to work with professional media equipment,  learning how to film and edit video, design cool graphics, work with photos, music, and sound effects, and even shoot inside a TV studio with a weekly news team! This is a jam packed exciting camp for high school are youth.  That uses a Project Based Learning Model that leads to the development of real world skills. Aside from teaching teens to shoot and edit video, utilize the Adobe Creative Suite, and design a T.V. show, all of The Launch Pad’s camps foster personal growth, build self-confidence, and develop independence that will help prepare them for life beyond high school and college.



Hardware + Software Used Throughout Camp:

Adobe Creative Suite

Apple Computers

Digital Cameras


Learning Outcomes

Shooting Film

Basics of creating digital effects

Post Production Editing


What you Create

Your very own T.V. Show working with a production team of your peers. 


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