Maker’s Camp for Teens

Maker’s Camp!

June 3rd-7th and 10th-15th! 9am-5pm

Ages: 13-18

Makers Camp is a two week long day camp that takes place Monday through Friday the first week and Monday through Saturday the second week. Participants will learn the importance o hands on craftsmanship and will get the change to sell their work at the Farmer’s Market on the last day of camp, giving them the chance to make some money off their hard work and providing them real world job skills and learning opportunities!

Participants will learn glass blowing, woodworking, cheese and bread making, blacksmithing, homemade salve making, sewing and so much more!


Cost: $325.00, Scholarships Available, Contact The Launch Pad Teen Center for information


Dates: June 3rd to June 15th (Weekend Off)


Length: 11 days spread out over 2 weeks, M-F 9-5pm, plus the final day at The Farmer’s Market, Saturday from 6:30am to 1pm.


Camp Description:

The Launch Pad’s summer Maker’s Camp brings DIY creativity to your life! Want more independence and opportunity in your life, then join the DIY (Do it Yourself)/Makers Movement with The Launch Pad Teen Center.  This is a 2 week camp where teens will learn skills like black-smithing, wood working, screen printing t-shirts, and even making artisanal cheese.  Teens will have an opportunity to complete at least 5 different projects, meet at least 5 skilled Makers/Artisans in the Prescott Community and work in their studios, and even sell what they make on the final day of camp at The Prescott Farmer’s Market.  


This is what journalist, Brit Morin has said of the Maker’s Movement, “Makers will continue to be found in fields ranging from food to crafts to technology.  And together, they will push each other forward to invent and build new and innovative things.  Many technologies that will drive this growing population are not event built yet.  In effect, the maker movement has only just begun.”  It is up to all of us to create the future we want and learning how to make is the first step.


Hardware + Software Teens will Learn to Use at Camp:

Tools and Equipment for each project

Silhouette Design Software

Cameo 3 Printer

Apple Computers


Learning  Outcomes:

Black Smithing 

Screen Printing

Cheese Making

Bread Making

Glass Blowing

Wood Working


What you Create:

It’s up to you!

You will complete 5 creative projects that utilize the above skills


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