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summer camp programs

Art Camp 101, June 8-12th, is here to give your teen an opportunity to work with fascinating local artists, and a variety of different mediums, all while having fun and making friends! This camp will invite your teen to develop artistic practices while making sure they have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy the freedom of summer!

Art Camp 201, June 22nd-26th, is here to give your artistically inclined teens the opportunity to expand their practice, and try out a variety of new and exciting mediums with local artists! A place for your teen to thrive while creating art and memories! This camp has been developed for teens with previous experience working with different art forms, and will involve lots of field trips to galleries, artists studios, and museums!

Adventure Camp, July 6th-10th, is here to challenge your teens with exciting daily experiences, an overnight camping trip, and leadership skills they will carry with them the rest of their lives! We invite your teen to unlock their inherent strengths one step at a time! Join us for activities like rock climbing, cliff jumping, puzzle-solving, campfire building, and more!

Real World Camp, July 20th-24th, offers your teen the chance to learn all sorts of practical real-life skills while having fun doing so! From budgeting to interviewing, shopping to changing a tire, and even an overnight! This camp will introduce your teen to adulting and give them skills they can use for years to come!