Real World Preskitt: A Lifeskills Adventure Camp

Ages: 14-18

Cost: $150.00, Scholarships Available, contact The Launch Pad for more info

Dates: Monday, July 17th through Saturday, July 22nd

Location: At The Launch Pad and all over Prescott


Real World Preskitt is a week-long life skills adventure camp that focuses on building real world skills that will help you make it as an adult in today’s world. Campers get to go on the ultimate scavenger hunt, and along the way bump into real world problems, and learn real world solutions, like how to fix a flat tire on your car, or how to rock an interview for a job. Campers will even learn how to wow family and friends with cooking yummy food without burning the entire kitchen down or blowing up the microwave! Through fun activities and field trips to cool areas around Prescott, campers will learn critical life skills in a social, creative, and fun environment. Real World Preskitt has 12 spots available. Priority is given to high school aged teens.

Hardware/Software/Equipment Used:

Resume Building Software, Apple Computers, Cooking Appliances and Tools, Auto Maintenance Tools, and much more. 

Learning Outcomes:

How to work in a team, communication skills, how to open your very own bank account, easy ways to save money for the future, growing and maintaining your own fruits and vegetables, applying for a job, fixing a flat, cooking a meal, maintaining a home, critical thinking skills and problem solving skills, the value of hard work, how to set and accomplish goals, how to develop independence. 

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