Victoria’s Letter

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  • 29.12.2015

Hello Community Member,
My name is Victoria and I am a teen board member at The Launch Pad. In this letter I am not going to share with you facts and statistics aimed towards winning over your support for The Launch Pad. Such things are dry, and while hold value, have been done by countless organizations before us. Instead, I’m going to tell you a story, but not just any random tale, I’m going to share my story.
Before moving to Prescott four years ago, my life was lacking to say the least. My siblings and I were raised in isolation, depending on each other and our cousins of all of our social interaction. But that’s what happens when you are homeschooled, poor, and friendless in a successful and rich area.
When my family uprooted, looking for a better future in Prescott, I dared to hope for a life for myself outside of my family, for friends. But when we arrived, I was disheartened to see little difference at all. There were opportunities for me to make friends at school, but there was little else for a young teen in my financial situation, which was at an all-time low. I was distraught. Why didn’t our second chance have more opportunities? Everywhere I looked, I seemed to find programs for children younger than I, for college kids, or that I just simply couldn’t afford.
Then, mid-winter three years ago, I managed to wander my way into a meeting. A meeting about a place for teens, to support teens, to give them a chance they might not get somewhere else. That was the very first meeting, of what would later bloom into the organization called The Launch Pad.
That meeting lit a spark in my heart. It gave me something that I could work for, I could hope for; and as my world crashed around me only months later with divorces, CPS and my family shattering irreparably, that spark was something that I clung to.
Although involvement was sometimes hard due to Foster Care, by the end of the following summer I found myself back where I belonged, helping build something that I love. At times, when CPS, state rules, and the loss became too much, it was with those people who helped build TLP, that I found my home.
The Launch Pad isn’t just a Teen Center with fun events, BBQs, after school snack, and tutoring. It’s a place where hope can be found, friends made, opportunities discovered and family built.
I am now eighteen, a senior in high school applying for college, and an aspiring author. But most importantly I have been a proud member of The Launch Pad’s Teen Leadership Board since it started. I’m astonished at how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time; and although the credit goes to many of us, I can’t help but be proud of what I’ve helped build.
Honestly, without the existence of The Launch Pad, I’m not sure if I would be here today. I was given a new purpose, support, friends, and family when I thought I had lost it all; and I want to give every teen the same chance; the chance to make friends, to discover themselves, and to have a place to be themselves without fear of judgment.
I just hope that you can find it within your heart to give every budding adult such a chance. A chance everyone deserves; one that you may or may not have had yourself.
~ Victoria Pomeroy

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