Helping teenage girls explore, define, and achieve their goals

Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough Conference

The Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough Conference, a project of The Launch Pad TeenCenter, is a three-day leadership retreat for teenage girls, ages 12-18. This year’s conference will be in a hybrid format with online workshops and in-person Covid-safe activities.

Every spring, 70 teenage girls gather on Mingus Mountain for a fun weekend getaway. Our aim is to provide young women with the knowledge, community, and support that they need to gain self-confidence, develop their sense of self, and build community.

Since 2003, Women’s Empowerment Breakthrough (WEB) has been dedicated to organizing and hosting programs that provide young women the opportunity to participate in educational and experiential activities that address social justice issues particular to women. These programs provide innovative and supportive environments where teenage girls can explore, define and achieve their goals.

WEB was conceptualized in 2002 after a review of local statistics revealing that adolescent girls are facing challenges such as negative body-image, eating disorders, teenage pregnancy, sexual violence, and low self-esteem. WEB’s creation was based on the firm belief that in order for teens to articulate their boundaries and make healthy life choices, they must be supported, feel connected, and develop a strong sense of self-worth and commitment to their broader community.

In the fall of 2003, WEB launched its first 3-day retreat as the result of Prescott College graduate, Courtney Osterfelt’s Senior Project. In its second year, The WEB Conference doubled in size serving over 70 girls from 8 different high schools. Each year WEB grows stronger as more passionate and dedicated volunteers, community allies, and teen leaders join in the effort. The conference has continued for nine strong years now, exemplifying the crucial need for on-going, year-round programming.